Sunday, 7 October 2012

Thanks a lot...

So, it's Thanksgiving. The one day of the year that is specifically designed to make you reflect on all of your blessings and be thankful for all the good that you have in your life. So here it goes. 

This morning I got off work and what was my last shift out of a set of four twelve hour shifts. I only got two hours sleep. I dragged my lazy ass to my mother in law's for a delicious turkey dinner, but nearly fell asleep at the table. Avery screamed the whole way home. I put her in the tub to wash the cranberry jelly out of her hair and while I was rinsing it, she freaked out and slipped and fell, knocking her chin off the edge of the tub and biting her lip. I scooped her up, screaming and dripping, frantically trying to stop the blood and comfort her. She then proceeded to piss on me. Thanks. 

On top of this we can't get our house sold, Brad is leaving on Sunday to go away for six weeks (sob), and while he's gone my parents will also be going away. This means that I will be here, by myself, with a one year old and a dog, and I will have to move to another town that is two hours away, where I know nobody, alone. Thanks again. 

I know. I'm being a bit of a bitch, which is why I will now force myself to look at the silver lining. Said lining is as follows: 

I only got two hours sleep because Brad and I had an appointment to go get tattoos that are tributes to our most amazing little girl, and we love them (I'll post pics eventually). I did not fall asleep at dinner. Avery screamed the whole way home, but neither Brad or I got frustrated and actually had a nice little chat in the brief moments of silence. Yes, she fell in the tub and peed all over me, but she was comforted by her mom, and to me, that makes the faint smell of urine on my abdomen worth it. 

We can't get our house sold, but we now have two houses while some people have no home at all. I love my husband so much that I'm devastated he's leaving. I'm glad I feel that way. I'm glad I can say that I'll be counting the days until he comes home again. Mom and dad are going away, but hey, there aren't many people who have parents who have been married almost 30 years and are still going on trips together. And I'll deal with the move. We have movers, and we'll be fine. We'll figure it out, Avery, Nixon and I. We always do. 

I think that things can seem pretty shitty a lot of the time, but if you just step back for a second you can always see things in a new light. 

I am ever thankful for my family, my true friends, my hilarious husband, my beautiful healthy child, my total moron of a dog, and the fact that all in all, my "problems" aren't really that big of a deal. 

Take a deep breath, guys. Sometimes things just aren't as bad as they seem. 

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stephanie densmore said...

Lauren I have to say that after having a pretty crappy few days your words put a smile on my face. I love reading your blogs knowing that there's someone else out there feeling the same as I usually do. Thanks for filling my day with laughter. Good luck with the move.