Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Hey Donald, let go of our pussies

First of all, let it be known that I can not stand the word "pussy". Especially when using it in reference to the vagina. But hey, if nobody found it offensive enough to not vote Donald Trump in, I'm going to throw it around like goddamn confetti.

I'm really busy these days raising an empowered feminist daughter and a supportive and intelligent son, so I'm going to have to make this entry short; not unlike President Trump's hands.

Abortions are not only about promiscuous women who need birth control for all of the illegitimate babies they keep conceiving.I don't even feel like this is a problem if it was, because if a woman wants to have sex with a bunch of guys why can't she? Men sleep around all the time and all they get are high fives at the gym.

Sure, sometimes the condom breaks, or there isn't one, or you miss a pill, or whatever happens happens. You're too young, it's too early in the relationship, it was a one night stand, you just aren't f*cking ready to bring a human being into this world. And on that day, you have some tough decisions to make. But those decisions are YOURS.

But lets also remember the women who conceive babies that are diagnosed with diseases incompatible with life. Lets remember the women who conceive children while fighting for their lives and crying and trying to scream while some disgusting, sweaty man's hand is jammed against their mouth. Lets think of all of the children conceived in very young girls by their stepfathers, or uncles, or "close family friends". Conceived by abusive, deadbeat boyfriends and husbands. Conceived while the woman is unconscious because some asshole drugged her drink. I think they call that "looking for some action" now. Am I right?

Imagine Ivanka was held down one night. Her underwear ripped off while she was kicking and screaming for help. Her bra torn. Forced into sex by a stranger. Rough enough to do serious damage internally. Then when its finally over, and every last shred of dignity is gone, comes the Rape Kit. The hospital, the police. The fingernail scrapings, the stirrups, the internal exam, the pubic combing, the bagging of her clothes, the swabs, the blood tests for HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and of course, the pregnancy test. What would happen to that fertilized egg, I wonder?

Women who desperately want an abortion, for whatever reason she chooses, will get one, one way or another. Be it in a shady clinic, at home, in some other country. It is going to happen. This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to have safe access to this type of health care. I can promise you that if a woman has come to this decision, it has been a long and devastating road, no matter the circumstances. She needs support, she needs counselling, and she needs education. She does not need a bunch of men with shitty hair and no idea what has gone on in her life to stand around and sign papers about what is going to happen in her uterus.

I know this probably leaves people wondering a couple of things and so I will answer these questions to the best of my ability:

Why yes, I am a mother, and of a girl no less. And even though I have birthed two children and love them so deeply I would give up my own life for them, I still don't feel like a man has any business on what I do with my reproductive organs.

No, I have never had to make a decision on whether or not I should keep a pregnancy, but for that I consider myself lucky. And if I became impregnated in a bad situation, although I don't know what my ultimate decision would be, I would want to make that decision for myself, thanks. And yes, I want the same for my daughter.

And finally, I do know women who have had to terminate pregnancies in the past for a number of reasons. None of these women are "sluts". Some are amazing, supportive, dedicated mothers now in very loving and committed relationships. All are highly educated and contribute amazing things to their community, friends, and family. All speak of that time in their lives as a horrible one, but none regret their decision. All of whom I support in their decision 100%.

If you are pro-life, that is amazing. And I am so thankful for women who feel so strongly and passionate about something and can educate other women about alternative options to pregnancy termination. Because this is what it's all about, CHOICES. And having the right to make them.

Being pro-choice is not "pro-abortion". Wouldn't it be lovely if we lived in a world where there were no devastating illnesses in unborn babies, no rape, no incest, no poverty, access to birth control and sexual education for everyone? Wouldn't that be incredible? Wouldn't it be amazing if we lived in a world where we taught men not to rape instead of taking away women's rights to their own bodies and telling them what to wear and how to act and how much to drink so that they don't get raped?

But we don't. And with this moron in charge of America, I don't feel like we're getting close to it any time soon. He openly joked about literally grabbing women by the pussy, and now he is figuratively grabbing America by the pussy. And it is devastating for all of us across the world.

And I feel like judging by all of the women who marched, I'm not alone here. I don't want to be braggadocious, but I'm speaking the truth here. I have so many words. I have the best words. They are tremendous. Everybody agrees.

Solidarity, American sisters. We're with you up here in Canada.


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