Friday, 13 July 2012

Happy Little FamJam!

I had planned on doing a First Birthday Cake Smash photo shoot for Avery's big day, but after careful consideration, decided I would verbally accost my husband until he agreed to a family session instead.

I won.

I spent days planning my outfit. Got my bangs trimmed (compliments of my very fabulous hair dresser, Kerri Mitchell at NuImage, just sayin'). Stopped eating. Started chain smoking and taking laxatives.The usual.

Brad complained and then threw on some cargo shorts and a polo the day of. Bastard.

Anyway, the day of our photo shoot fell upon us and we had a beautiful evening. I dressed Avery in a gorgeous dress and headband that one of my fav friends, Amy, had given her, and we were on our way.

Avery started the shoot off by taking a large dump. It was magical. After that though, with the help of our amazing photographer, Andrew Smith, we managed to organize ourselves, our child, and our dog into some half sensible poses. I left the shoot feeling pretty good and extremely excited to see the finished product. Andrew had done my maternity portraits and I loved them, so I had high expectations for this kid.

Well, let me tell you this, Newfoundland blog readers. This guy is the bomb-dot-com. He made my mediocre family look super hot and put together, and my incredibly adorable child look even more adorable than ever! I am so in love with his work that I am compelled to brag about him like he's my own son on my blog. 

Seriously though, if Andrew Smith was Christian Grey, his camera would be Ana Steel. He can do some sick shit with that thing, and I love bearing witness to it. I'm not gonna lie.

My cover photo of my blog is actually his work, but I thought I'd throw in a few more for your viewing pleasure. You seriously need to check this guy out on facebook at the very least! Andrew Smith Photography. Just do it. STAT!

Us looking dapper in a classy b&w - Brad only agreed to take part if he could wear his shades. I caved. 

Sweetest shot of my hilar hubby being in love with his baby girlie

Avery winding up to give Nixon her left hook while simultaneously screaming "I am SPARTAAAAAA!!!"

I love my family. Andrew caught it on film. Nuff said. 

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