Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Product Review... a first for Surprise Momma!

A few of my friends who are either preggo or new moms have been asking me about my favorite babywearing merchandise. Thus far, it is my Zolo Ring sling for the following reasons...

The only one who loves this sling more than me is Miss Avery, who is ultimately the boss

1. Affordability. I was lucky enough to get mine with a coupon. This might not work out for everyone, but even when they are not on sale, they aren't bad price wise. They run at about $89 (depending on the fabric), which isn't bad when you think of that cost compared to the cost of a stroller and the fact that you can use your sling from birth right until your little bun can toddle around. 

2. It comes in so many different colors, patterns, fabrics, and sizes. I purchased myself the Plum Blossom pattern on a cotton sling and love it, but I do have some sling envy of mamas with other pretty patterns!  It also comes in organic cotton, breathable mesh and silk brocade, for the fashion conscious mom. The fabrics they come in are all nice and breathable so that you and your little babes don't get too warm while you're all snuggled up together! 

3. Portability!!! You can ball that sucker up and stick it in your diaper bag. I took it traveling with me and it was a life saver! You can also throw it in the wash if it gets projectile vomited on by your baby, or even by you. I'm sure you could do this with any sling or wrap, but again, I'm partial to the Zolo. 

4. Customer service was fantastic. I accidentally ordered twice, and therefore was charged twice on my credit card. I e-mailed them and got a quick response with an even quicker reimbursement. Also, the pattern I originally wanted wasn't available and so they e-mailed me a list of alternatives. It's nice that a real person e-mails you rather than an automatic send out.

5. It's practical. Because it's a ring sling it is adjustable, which I like because as your baby grows you can loosen it. I also have a sling that is not adjustable and once Avery started getting nosy and wanting to be upright, the bottom part used to cut into her legs. This did not go over well with her. The ring sling allows you to move it around until your baby is comfortable. Also, it's great for breastfeeding as you can whip your girls out and latch your little one on and no one will be the wiser. Finally, it has an awesome little pocket in it for your cell, keys, wallet and smokes! Just kidding about the last one... or was I? In all seriousness though, that pocket is big enough for a diaper and a couple of snacks so if you're only popping out to the mall or the grocery store, there's no need to drag your diaper bag. I love that!

The pocket that I so enjoy. It's zipper closure!

6. Finally, Avery loves it. She can have a little snuggle with her mom while being able to see everything that's going on. At the same time, I can have her close to me and comfort her but at the same time have both of my hands. This is a huge plus, especially for moms who already have a little one! 

If you are so inclined as to purchase a ring sling, you may do so at www.zolowear.com . Your wee ones will thank you! :)

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Amber said...

Out of all my carriers (10 and counting) my ring sling is my fave. It's not as pretty as yours, but it is honestly the best baby purchase I've ever made. I used it from birth to 2 years with baby one, and birth onward with baby two (he's 14 months). I even mastered nursing in the RS with my second child.