Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Mother's Day Tribute

In the spirit of Mother's Day, I thought I would write a tribute post to all the mothers out there who have spit up in their hair and stretch marks on their love handles, because Hallmark has yet to make a card for us. 

Let us raise our coffee mugs to the mothers whose babies wake at 3am for an impromptu playtime. To the mothers whose babies sleep all day and begin a 6 hour crying marathon at sunset. The mothers who realize at 4:30 in the afternoon that they have yet to brush their teeth, and to the mothers who take five second showers while simultaneously playing shower curtain peek-a-boo. 

Happy Mothers Day to the moms who have multiples who never sleep, eat or poop at the same time, or do anything that would make life a little easier. To the mothers who fantasize about a jug of sangria at 8:00 on a Tuesday morning. To the mothers whose boobs are down to their abdomen, and to the mothers whose bellies are stretched and marked beyond repair, despite spending hundreds of dollars on several brands of fancy creams. To the mothers who will never again see their pre-baby body, and (begrudgingly) to the mothers who now look better than ever. To the mothers whose significant others come home after work and gently inform them that there is poop on their face, and to the moms who find, while getting ready for bed, that they have leftover breakfast in their hair. 

An enormous shout out to the moms who got pregnant by surprise (right there with ya, ladies!), especially those who had babies already when the fetus snuck in there, but who know that even though the days are long and the funds are short, it's worth it. To the mothers who planned their families to a T, but it still took longer than expected, and to the moms who got pregnant on the first try. To the moms who have grown children already and are in for their second round, and to the moms who decided to give it a shot in their late 30's and early 40's. 

To the moms who are sleep deprived, deprived of nourishment, and deprived of alone time with their significant other. To the moms who don't have a significant other but are rocking it on their own. To the moms who have gotten frustrated with their 8 month old when they cried all the way home in the car, whose baby shit up their back the one effing time they didn't bring a change of clothes, and to the moms who have crawled in their toddler's crib at night because that was the only thing that would get them back to sleep (I know an awesome person who did this).  

Happy Mother's Day to the moms who have preemies in the NICU, the moms who finally delivered however many days post due date, and the moms who are still baking their little buns. To the moms who know what it's like to hold their baby fresh from the oven, and to the moms who never got to hold their babies. To the moms whose babies turned out different than they expected, but are still more perfect than they could have ever imagined. To the mothers who wanted to have a natural birth, but couldn't (forgive yourselves!), the moms who were high as kites, and the moms who got in that tub (or wherever) and pushed that baby out without so much as a shot of tequila to take the edge off. To the moms who are still breastfeeding their toddlers, and to the moms who wanted to breastfeed but it didn't work out. 

I am here to tell you, because Carlton Cards can't, that as long as you are loving your baby, you're doing a great job. Lots of love to all the mommas out there today! :)

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Vanessa Vail said...

Thank you for writing this! I shared it on my personal and business facebook pages! Messages like this NEED to be shared! Happy Mother's Day!